My friends, I’m sorry to report the passing of my (former) boss, mentor, friend, “motivation coach” (and much more) Dan Roby on Saturday night, peacefully at his home. He just turned 79. As many of you know, Dan was one of the first lawyers in Indiana to exclusively practice personal injury law.  He joined ITLA shortly after passing the Bar in 1966.  He served on the ITLA Board of Directors for years, was Trial Lawyer of the Year in 1986, was ITLA President in 1993, and was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.  He also spent countless hours doing the hard work necessary to protect our clients: speaking at seminars, writing amicus briefs, lobbying the Legislature, and, most importantly, making himself available to anyone, from any firm, who ever needed to “cerebrate” a case.  He was a genuine “trial lawyer”.  His generosity and dedication to his clients ensure that he will not be forgotten.

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